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Back to U Street Music Hall

DJ Stylus - The Vibe Conductor at U Street Music Hall (UHallTV on Twitch)
The Vibe Conductor throwing down on the U Street Music Hall Twitch channel, and remembering the days of a packed dancefloor.

My good friends at U Street Music Hall invited me to stop by and rock on their Twitch channel and it turned out to be the most enjoyable bit of DJing I’ve engaged in since the planet went up in flames this year.

Like so many venues, U Street Music Hall is doing their best to keep their staff whole and stay afloat during this indefinite shutdown. It’s a venue created by and for pro DJs and before the pandemic it was an exceptional place to get lost on a dancefloor while enveloped by a killer sound system. Please keep supporting their Twitch channel and cop some merch as well.

I rocked my set like there were actual humans in the room, but the humans in the chat window gave me enough love for it not to feel weird. Started sexy, ran through some deep house, afro-latin and bruk bangers and sprinkled in some of the Sol Power catalog, including an exclusive dropping later in 2020.

You can still replay it on Twitch for a limited time, but you’ll also have to contend with a few copyright mutes. But maybe some of my dancing around goes hard on mute. You decide and tell me!

Fortunately, I also recorded the audio, and it’s available exclusively to my Mixcloud Select subscribers. I endorse this platform because the subscription costs are dispensed to the rights holders of the music we play. So no takedowns or account disabling, and you support us DJs as well as the artists making the music.

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