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Maybe the kids are alright after all

The beat your feet movement came a whole generation after my days of doing the happy feet (when I wasn’t b-boying), which was a generation before the hee-haw but I can definitely say that the laws of evolution are in effect in this lineage because the youth took it to another level.

I’m way too old to catch the young’uns beating their feet at the go-go but I was pretty proud to see them beating up the Apollo stage recently.

A while back I spoke on a panel when Farafina Kan brought the Krump Kings to DC. I was honored to be invited and I left inspired.

African drums and krumping… pretty breathtaking visually and mentally.

They also pitted the krumpers in a friendly battle against some beat your feet kids. While the dance styles may be a bit too different for the match up to work, the energy and positivity exchanged between two groups of kids from opposite sides of the country with similar stories was a treat to witness.

Gotta connect with some kids in Bahia for sure. Definitely won’t have any trouble finding drums or dancers!

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