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Stop what you’re doing and purchase this song right now


It’ll only cost you a couple bucks, and it’s so sincerely and urgently not a game.

Pirahnahead – “TimeLoveLIFE”

Pirahnahead… yo… SON!

Homie’s been on my radar ever since I heard that Diviniti joint and he makes quite a statement each time he drops something new.

I didn’t know he sang though. I just thought he was a wiz on the keys, the axe and behind the boards. The Take 6 vocal layering… sounding like Setembro up in this jont. MADNESS!!

Divine dropped this at Daylight last night and my brain short circuited. I caught an acute facial cramp at the 1:34 mark.


Pirahnahead, you are officially a bad ass muhflucker. I will have to slap you when I see you next. I should have slapped you preemptively the last time I saw you.

BTW, about my recent absence, I did cop goodies in Brazil. I’ve just got to get over this re-entry hump before I can share. For now, just make sure you BUY THIS DAMN SONG.

4 Replies to “Stop what you’re doing and purchase this song right now”

  1. I followed your advice and purchased this despite Traxsource’s preview option acting up. In other words, I bought it sight unseen.

    I will be bumping this all weekend. Good God this song is dope.

  2. This is why you trust me, my dear.

  3. Pirahnahead

    Peeps…I don’t think both of you know exactly HOW much I appreciate this support. I woke up this morning, prayed, brushed, etc. checked my email. Diviniti sent me a link to this. I must say sincerely that you have made me smile at my depths today. I appreciate that when something comes from a pure place, It is appreciated by the pure, however few. Cause lord knows, there are those who care not to know anything of purity, yet they “act” as if the pure is what matters. I’m very Very VERY appreciative to know that people like you exist in this wild world of dance music. Trust me, it almost got to a brother!

    Peace Always


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