50 Mixes: A Retrospective


So I kinda just looked up and all of a sudden I noticed that I now have 50 mix sets posted on this here site. Painfully aware of my ongoing consistency issues, I ended up staring at the WordPress category in amazement.

Going back through the collection yields an interesting series of snapshots of how I’ve been playing records the past few years. Some mixes are planned, some off the cuff, some are recordings either from our radio show or live at gigs. Certain artists tend to make repeat appearances. Some mixes consistently bubble up to the top of my server logs even when buried deep in the site’s archives. I think that has something to do with Google searches for rare records but I’ll take the new listeners however they happen to stumble over here.

If you haven’t been along for the ride from the beginning, here are my five favorite mixes from the bunch. Make sure you subscribe (iTunes/XML) so you can get the newness automatically as soon as I post. For folks that go all the way back to when I used to press up cd’s of these joints, please post up in the comments with YOUR favorites.

In no particular order:

1. Rhomiepalooza III
People ask me why I would want to spin records at my own birthday party. Because it’s THERAPY, that’s why. Especially when I can play for a room filled with people who love music as much as I do and trust me to tell them a compelling story. Tone, Bill Source & Divine are like family. I was learning about classics as a young buck listening to Source at Howard U. warehouse parties and he STILL pulls out records I’ve never heard in my life. This particular Sunday evening we were banging out and kept the three man rotation popping. I love that you can hear the dancefloor in the recording. When I haven’t been to Daylight in a while, I don’t feel right inside. Which means I’ll probably be paying a visit this weekend.

2. Progressive Groove 2
I did this one when I turned 30. I programmed the selection pretty carefully but executed the mix in one take. I was trying to make a statement and I’m still pleased with it. I did have to put some of these cuts on semi-retirement because I was playing them to death. Can’t help it when a tune feels that good.

3. Fonk Smoothie
Fonky and smoove. That was the goal. Some old dusty joints off the original vinyl, some modern soul and some electronica that all have connecting elements. This one remains popular and can set a party off. I might have been having a little too much fun with the SP-303 I had just copped but oh well. The filters, yo! Love it, although I replaced it with its big brother. And if you know me, you know I have no qualms throwing not one but two Steely Dan joints in the same mix.

4. ProjectVIBE 15 – Obrigado Brasil
Brazil is a huge source of inspiration for me musically and culturally. Last year I finally had a chance to make a visit. Folks keep asking when I’ll do another one of these. It’s on the list. Elliott, I see you but I’m so ashamed. I’ll try my best to get back in your good graces.

5. New Year’s Eve at Marvin 2008 (pt. 2)
For the past two years, Jahsonic and I have committed the DJ equivalent of this commercial at Marvin on new year’s eve. If you were there, one or the other was probably your most fun December 31st party ever. If not, we pretty much recreate the experience every Monday.

2 Replies to “50 Mixes: A Retrospective”

  1. Before I had ever seen’t you, I was listening to your sessions on Project Vibe radio. So those will always be near and dear to me. That Obragado Brasil is indeed one of my faves also. You really went in on that one.

    I also like to doo wop that thing to the ode to new jack swing mix.

    I look forward to the next 50. Get on it!

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