We’ve released a lot of music

Sol Power Sound

Sol Power Sound

The “we” I’m referring is Sol Power All-Stars. Myself, DJ Meistro, Deep Sang when he makes it back to the east coast and Hermon on percussion when he isn’t travelling the planet documenting things.

Since 2009 we’ve been rocking your bodies with our unique brand of diaspora flavor, touching on polyrhythmic traditions of equatorial and tropical peoples, as well as the house, disco and funk of these shores.

We dropped a gang of DJ mixes…

…a rack of remixes…

…as well as releases on other labels.

Then we started Sol Power Sound

Why put yourself at the whim of others’ tastes when you can just drop fire 12-inches yourself?


We have new heat. One dropped over the weekend. It’s our first feature on Philadelphia’s Record Breakin’ Music and we took it to Brazil along with Elin, DJ lil’dave and DJ Coolout.

Earlier this summer we dropped Sol Power Sound’s 4th release

The A-side is an afro-house collaboration with DC afro-pop band Elikeh.The Djidjo Vide wax got the red, gold and green treatment for Elikeh’s lead singer Serge Massama Dogo’s native Togo. Stay tuned for info on the digi release with some heavy remixes.

And lastly (for now), come party with us this Friday to celebrate the release of Djidjo Vide in DC

We’ll be rocking at Zeba Bar with our folk Ritmos Raros and Cultures of Soul.

Ritmos Raros: Africa Tumbao Vol.2: Sol Power All-Stars “Djidjo Vide” Release Party feat Cultures of Soul & Sir Ramases

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