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Refuge #5: Zo!’s unveiling

Zo!’s Secret Stash was like story hour back in kindergarten with similar anticipation and focused attention as Zo! revealed rare treats from his back catalog. It got so good to him that he previewed a few cuts from his solo album SunStorm. I guess he felt at ease since the rough mixes sounded pretty good […]

Refuge: Zo’s Secret Stash, Wed. 11/18

Everyone has this project, right? It’s free. It’s awesome. What are you waiting for? Zo’s work is a Refuge staple and should be heavy in your personal rotations. There’s surely no shortage of it, with his nine solo albums, numerous features and high profile collaborations that are among the best modern soul releases of the […]

Refuge #4: Rainy nights

While I was bemoaning the bone-chilling weather and its effect on my gathering, a couple rolled in and turned the back of the room into their own special dancefloor. Vibe Conductor Pick: Kaidi Tatham – “I’m High” This song almost broke my iPod’s repeat feature. The album was only released in Japan so it can […]

Refuge #3: Body rockin’

We opened the night with a taste of the Anthony Valadez album. I hope everyone that took it home enjoys the sounds. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, this is your newest meditation/mood setting record, and more than a little bit suitable as the soundtrack for amorous pursuits. I’m just saying. And here are some more […]

Refuge: Anthony Valadez album release, Wed. 11/4

Refuge is about discovering and sharing new sounds. This Wednesday, get an advance listen to the new release from Philadelphia’s Record Breakin’ Music from 9 – 10pm and be one of 5 winners of a Record Breakin’ prize pack: – 1 copy of the Anthony Valadez Audio/Visual : Sounds inspired by all things visual CD […]

Refuge #2: The gathering

A core group of music heads and long time supporters (I really love and appreciate y’all) assembled on the late end. Early adopters know what’s up. Saw a few new faces too. I’m digging the socializing vibe. Sometimes a party doesn’t have to be about megawatt energy. And I love folks who will just get […]

Refuge #1: A nice start

Old friends and new came through to sip, chat and boogie. This experiment just might work. As promised, every week I’ll recap a few highlights. Hopefully this will become a running conversation. What records do YOU remember and want to know more about? Vibe Conductor Pick: As much as I like to smash off a […]